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Discover Simple Step-by-Step How to Setup Your Shopify Shop and Start Selling Your Products Online.



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How Would You Like to Share a Slice of Pie in This Million Dollar Business with Shopify?

Dear Friend,

Revolution of business evolves from physical shop to internet.

Perks of online shopping are: Deliver to your door step, cheaper than market price, shop anytime, anywhere 24/7, more variety.

Selling on internet cuts down 50% of the operation expenses such as office lot rental and utilities bills.

Therefore, seller is able to offer a price lower than the market range for products.

Getting a same product for lower price is what most of the people are seeking for and this is why people are addicted to online shopping.

The revolution has elevated online business to a wider and higher level.

Besides, having an online business ensures that you’re able to work from home, budget friendly, save operation cost (such as inventory, office, utilities bills etc), flexible working hours, most importantly, you will be able to generate more cash flow rather than having a fixed, conventional full time job. This is my dream!

Unfortunately, the route to my dream is full of obstacles and problems.

Building a shopping site isn't as easy as I thought. I realised that I need to possess quite some technical skills such as website coding and photo editing skills.

Being forced to learn all these from scratch, I bought a lot of training courses on how to build an online store but none of them bringing in results.

I have tried a few e-commerce platforms, one after another.

And I bought the training courses one after another too. All brings me nothing more than disappointments.

Through a friend, I get to know an acquaintance that happened to be a top merchant of Shopify!

He shared with me his journey of getting started his full time and flexible career with Shopify.

Besides, he also shared with me how he has gotten to be one of the top sellers within 3 months!

I took this opportunity to squeeze as much information as I can from him and apply to my Shopify project too!

I started to see results in just 3 days!

The sales are increasing day by day and the conversion is surprisingly high!

Now, I already resigned from my full time job and focus on My Shopify Empire.

Back to my journey with Shopify. Out of so many e-commerce platforms out there, why have I chosen Shopify as my ideal platform?

Whether you’re a start-up, business owner, affiliate or dropship agent, there is nowhere better than Shopify! Why? You know the epic reasons!

In the world of internet, website is basically your “store”.

Having a website is one of the most important things to set up your online business.

If you’re worry that you can’t do it or you don’t have the budget to hire someone, fret not!

Here're 6 Epic Reason You Should Use Shopify

Shopify has simplified everything for you and even if you possess no technical skills, you will be still able to do it without hassles!

Shopify has seen this coming and they have a counter measure to support your back – a budget friendly pricing!

Whenever you encounter problems, Shopify's highly responsive support is always be there and ready to solve your problem.

Shopify has come out with a simple and easy to use control panel for you to handle everything at ease.

Shopify has prepared multiple payment gateways for your customers to give them no chance of rejecting your offer.

Shopify offers store optimization to assist you getting noticed by your prospects and makes sure that you have a higher chance of closing more sales!

Introducing "Shopify Blueprint Online Course"

Here's what you'll discover inside this online course:

You'll Learn Getting Started with Shopify

You'll Learn How to Create A Shopify Buy Button

You'll Learn How to Identify Hot Selling Products for Your Shopify Store

You'll Learn How to Migrate from Big Commerce to Shopify

You'll Learn How to Set Up Your Profitable Shopify Store

You'll Learn Shopify Dashboard and much more...

Here's what you'll get when you enroll this course:

You’ll Get Lifetime Online and Download Access to Course Training Videos, eBooks and Future Releases

You'll Get Reseller License to Resell This Course on Your Own Website and You Get to Keep 100% Profits

You’ll Get Folder Preview to Course Training Videos, eBooks and Marketing Materials to Select Download

You’ll Get Ready Made Persuasive HTML Sales Letter, Lead Magnet, Squeeze Page and Thank You Page

You’ll Get Professional Quality Graphics, Search Engine Optimized Articles and Promotional Email Swipes

You’ll Get Certificate to Proof to Employer or School You Have Successfully Completed This Course

    • Lesson 1: Getting Started With Shopify 00:02:00
    • Lesson 2: How To Create A Buy Button 00:04:00
    • Lesson 3: How To Identify Hot Selling Products For Your Store 00:10:00
    • Lesson 4: How To Migrate Your Shop From Big Commerce 00:09:00
    • Lesson 5: How To Set Up Your Shopify Estore 00:02:00
    • Lesson 6: Other Money Making Ideas 00:08:00
    • Lesson 7: Shopify At A Glance 00:14:00
    • Lesson 8: Shopify Dashboard 00:02:00

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What Are Students Saying About Our Online Micro Courses...

After the course, I make $300 weekly as a freelance copywriter working from home.
Cait (United States)
After the course, I'm able to market properties on my own property blog which I designed.
Chelsea (United States)
After the course, I generate 5 times more leads and my customer base has tripled!
Diana (United States)
After the course, I provide facebook marketing as a service and make an extra $17k a month.
Ankit (India)
After the course, my perspective of running a successful business totally changed.
Ivan (Romania)
After the course, I make an extra stream of income from home and spend quality time with my kids.
Liz (United States)
After the course, my sales increased by 39% over the last 90 days!
Simon (United Kingdom)
After the course, I setup a new business generating over $15k monthly designing ecommerce sites.
Filiyann (United Kingdom)
After the course, I now have an ecommerce website where clients can order and pay online anytime.
Douglas (Malaysia)
After the course, I secure a job as the interviewer was impressed with the way I answered the questions.
Xiwen (China)
After the course, I witness a 67% increase in overall sales because of good copywriting.
Kraig (United States)
After the course, I have head-hunters inviting me for interviews and I'm confident I'll secure a job soon!
Dan (United States)
After the course, I learnt valuable experience and got a comprehensive property investment checklist.
Jade (United States)
After the course, I maximize my marketing ROI, increase conversion and enhance brand loyalty.
Mirza (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
After the course, a fresh email newsletter is automatically send weekly to my customers.
Karen (Romania)

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